Below is a selection of feedback from doctors and medical professionals who used our services:

Dr Sumani

I have had the pleasure of working with Sam and his team at Fidelitas. I must say I have regrets that it didn’t happen sooner. I had four years of NHS experience but was having to travel across London to work. Now I’m in a better job and much closer to home.

Sam and his team will first find out what’s best for you as an individual and work with you to get the best outcome.

Most importantly Sam has a great personal touch and you’d have a great friend.

Great working with Fidelitas.

Dr Salami Fatima

I want to thank Sam of Fidelitas Consulting for helping me with my relocation process to the UK, he made it very easy and stress free.

Right from the moment I contacted him, he assured me I would be in the UK in no time and true to his word that was the case.

Within a couple of weeks, I had already gotten an interview and secured a Job.

He also helped with the visa process, making sure every detail was correct. In no time I got my visa. I want to also add that Sam helped get me an accommodation and offered to pick me from the airport.

The team at Fidelitas Consulting are very reliable, caring, efficient, experienced, and friendly. They do not collect any charges whatsoever and Sam still calls me till date to find out how I am settling in at work and if I have any problems to sort out.

Thank you for helping with my relocation process and making it a smooth sail.

Dr Saad Khan

A year ago I was confused,
I was confused about the progression of my career, I was confused about what to do, I was confused about how to progress as an emergency physician. At that time, I was working as the chief resident of emergency medicine at the prestigious Hamad Medical Corporation in Doha, Qatar and I was nearing the end of my residency training. I didn’t see myself working forever in the middle east yet I didn’t know what to do where to go and how to go about it .

I think it was around this time that my mentor told me to contact Sam Phillips on Facebook.
I had no idea who he was and what Fidelitas was but we did have a lot of friends in common and his facebook said he helps doctors in furthering their career, so I thought why not.

In one month Sam became not just my friend but also my brother my ‘BHAI’.
He advised me to sit the MRCEM exam and to finish my IELTS asap.
Everyone knows u need those two things to work in the UK, but what everyone does not know is the fact that the IELTS can be a tough cookie for some people.

Sam helped me through the entire process. It felt like Sam actually cared about not just my career as a doctor but also me as a friend. His dedication to his work is second to none. Daily calls, email, guidance, follow up it was a complete package. Over 12 months Fidelitas moulded my resume and adjusted it in a million different ways.

Sam got me over 13 different interviews within one month of my getting GMC registration. Imagine that, that’s an interview every two days and I had the enviable task of finding out which hospital was best for me.

Today I’m a registrar in emergency medicine at an amazing hospital in the UK, I’e made a ton of new friends and my career is on the right path to becoming a consultant in emergency medicine in the United Kingdom.
Cherry on the top Sam helped my wife secure a registrar position at the same hospital as I..

Thanks Sam Bhai and thank you Fidelitas,

P.S my younger brother (also an emergency physician) is currently being guided By Sam and is taking his first steps towards GMC registration.

I don’t think there is any higher form of endorsement than trusting Sam with not just my professional career but also that of my loved ones.

Dr Ridwan Yusuf

I had the pleasure of meeting with Sam after a series of recommendations from colleagues. Since our first encounter, I have never looked back! This guy surpasses all expectations to deliver to his clients. Humble, intuitive, honest, reliable and tenacious; Sam has always placed me in a post which suits my training requirements, talents and geographical needs at any given time.

I found him to always go beyond the realms of his job requirements to ensure my wellbeing; on a personal and business level and I would now consider him a good friend.

For all your recruitment needs, whether domestic or international, Fidelitas is the place and Sam is the man!

Dr Lokendra Gupta

My name is Dr Lokendra Gupta and Sam at Fidelitas helped me secure my first job in the UK. I have known Sam from the last couple of years since the time when I was preparing for my MRCEM. He had started helping me the day I first talked to him on the phone and is still supporting me as a brother. This company has given me everything which I desired for in my new job within the UK. Starting from interview all the way to accommodation, these guys will take care of everything. I personally recommend Fidelitas to every doctor who wants to come to the UK.

Dr Imteaz Ahmed

As I was planning to move to the UK to progress my career further, I got acquainted with a lovely human being, Mr. Sam Phillips, founder and managing director of Fidelitas Consulting. He guided and assisted me throughout this tough journey like a true friend. I had some conditions, in terms of post, remuneration and NHS trust and he met all of them quite perfectly. He found a suitable post for me in a very friendly and welcoming NHS trust in the UK, as I was expecting. It is a difficult task to migrate to another country and Sam was always there to support to make this relocation smooth and easy. Actually he never let me feel alone throughout the entire process and still he is maintaining the same attitude. To me he is a true friend, who kept his words, never left me alone and still is with me for any assistance I might need.

Thank you very much Sam for your patience and support.

Dr. Imteaz Ahmed Registrar, Gastroenterology

Dr Felix Oppong

My name is Felix, I am currently a Clinical Fellow in A&E at the Greenwich and Lewisham Trust. A post which completely fulfils my ambitions as a junior doctor in developing my knowledge and skills. My long-term goal is to specialise in Emergency Medicine(ED) and my current post has a personalised support structure and plan in place to assist me to meet that goal. It is my dream post and it is worth adding that this post was secured for me by Fidelitas Consulting whose founder and managing director is Sam Phillips.

I had the pleasure and honour of meeting Sam Phillips through a colleague and mentor in A&E, like me, this colleague of mine had also relocated to England a few years back and was currently a registrar in A&E. When I told him about my ambition to pursue a career in the ED, he gave me Sam’s details, then he added, ‘speak to this man about your career goals and ambitions, he has the expertise and experience to find you a job that will support you to meet your needs and expectations’.

Meeting Sam was a humbling experience, he was unique in how carefully and attentively he listened from the onset to understand my passion and dreams, he then made it his goal to find me a post that reflected not only my experience in A&E in England, but also one that was willing to commit to my training and development needs. The post he found me recognised and considered my experience of working abroad for many years in the emergency services, consequently, he was able to negotiate a salary that was commensurate to my overall experience in the field.

Sam is a tremendous person, a brother to me now (just as he is to my colleague who introduced us). I particularly like how he continues to keep in touch, always keen to make sure I am on track and keeping the dream. He is a fantastic professional at what he does and has a wide network of NHS and HSE hospitals he regularly supports by providing highly skilled permanent and fixed term clinicians.

It was a very pleasant experience working with Sam, and I would recommend Fidelitas to any Clinician looking for their dream post.

Dr Aye Aye Thant

Dear Sam and team,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the amazing team; Sam Philips and Joshua Jones.

I have got a great position in Endocrinology and General Medicine, as a Trust Grade Registrar. I wouldn’t be lucky enough to have this amazing post without Sam Philips’s help. From the very beginning of job preparation until today, he has never missed to take care of me in order to settle into the UK step by step. When I came to London for my GMC registration, he waited outside for a few hours while I was stuck in the GMC office and then he did arrange for me to visit the hospital and meet authorities before I made up my mind. During the period of preparation to come to the UK from Singapore, I had very minimal stress to tackle visa and accommodation issues due to Sam’s efficient support. He and Joshua even came down and fetched me from the Heathrow airport and accompanied me to settle into my accommodation. I may not have able to settle down smoothly in the UK without his constant help.

Additionally, Sam is consistently following up with my situation even after I have started my job. His dedication, passion and honestly is very impressive.

I won’t hesitate to recommend Fidelitas Consulting, especially Sam Philips and Joshua, to anyone interested to come and pursue a career in UK.

Thank you very much.

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