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Whilst the NHS is one of the best medical systems in the world, it has suffered over the years due to a large number of staff shortages. We believe that we can drastically reduce the enormous NHS locum spend in each hospital and help improve endless hospital waiting times due to a lack of doctors.

Fidelitas was started with the sole aim of having a positive impact on the NHS. The NHS being the incredible and free health service that it is, is often taken for granted and is frequently spoken about in a negative manner across various media platforms. This should certainly not be the case, as there are millions of people all over the world that would do anything for the chance to receive free healthcare!

One of, if not the largest costs to the NHS is the cost of locum doctors. There are around 10,000 doctor vacancies in the NHS and roughly 35,000 nursing vacancies at any given time, and 90-95% of these vacancies are filled by temporary staff members – which is where we come in! We believe that by providing permanent, dedicated doctors to the NHS, this will not only reduce the cost of locum doctors, but help provide a better service to the people of the UK.

Through our expert understanding of each medical specialty, we are able to acquire the most skilled and experienced clinicians who can be put forward for their best suited position. As a result of our years of experience, we are able to understand how to provide excellent staff to hospitals suffering from a huge shortage of doctors; and how hospitals can retain their best doctors and attract talented members of staff in the future.

Therefore, our mission is simple. To continue adding skilled doctors to the NHS workforce as an alternative to locum doctors, and to help consult NHS hospitals in terms of their recruitment to the point where they don’t even need to use us!

In the longer term, we aim to extend our services to other medical markets around the world. We want to ensure that each medical system has a constant supply of talented, permanent doctors and we hope to become the leading provider of medical staff to the world!

Call: +44 (0)20 3971 5409 or Email: info@fidelitasconsulting.co.uk

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