A year ago I was confused,
I was confused about the progression of my career, I was confused about what to do, I was confused about how to progress as an emergency physician. At that time, I was working as the chief resident of emergency medicine at the prestigious Hamad Medical Corporation in Doha, Qatar and I was nearing the end of my residency training. I didn’t see myself working forever in the middle east yet I didn’t know what to do where to go and how to go about it .

I think it was around this time that my mentor told me to contact Sam Phillips on Facebook.
I had no idea who he was and what Fidelitas was but we did have a lot of friends in common and his facebook said he helps doctors in furthering their career, so I thought why not.

In one month Sam became not just my friend but also my brother my ‘BHAI’.
He advised me to sit the MRCEM exam and to finish my IELTS asap.
Everyone knows u need those two things to work in the UK, but what everyone does not know is the fact that the IELTS can be a tough cookie for some people.

Sam helped me through the entire process. It felt like Sam actually cared about not just my career as a doctor but also me as a friend. His dedication to his work is second to none. Daily calls, email, guidance, follow up it was a complete package. Over 12 months Fidelitas moulded my resume and adjusted it in a million different ways.

Sam got me over 13 different interviews within one month of my getting GMC registration. Imagine that, that’s an interview every two days and I had the enviable task of finding out which hospital was best for me.

Today I’m a registrar in emergency medicine at an amazing hospital in the UK, I’e made a ton of new friends and my career is on the right path to becoming a consultant in emergency medicine in the United Kingdom.
Cherry on the top Sam helped my wife secure a registrar position at the same hospital as I..

Thanks Sam Bhai and thank you Fidelitas,

P.S my younger brother (also an emergency physician) is currently being guided By Sam and is taking his first steps towards GMC registration.

I don’t think there is any higher form of endorsement than trusting Sam with not just my professional career but also that of my loved ones.

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