My name is Felix, I am currently a Clinical Fellow in A&E at the Greenwich and Lewisham Trust. A post which completely fulfils my ambitions as a junior doctor in developing my knowledge and skills. My long-term goal is to specialise in Emergency Medicine(ED) and my current post has a personalised support structure and plan in place to assist me to meet that goal. It is my dream post and it is worth adding that this post was secured for me by Fidelitas Consulting whose founder and managing director is Sam Phillips.

I had the pleasure and honour of meeting Sam Phillips through a colleague and mentor in A&E, like me, this colleague of mine had also relocated to England a few years back and was currently a registrar in A&E. When I told him about my ambition to pursue a career in the ED, he gave me Sam’s details, then he added, ‘speak to this man about your career goals and ambitions, he has the expertise and experience to find you a job that will support you to meet your needs and expectations’.

Meeting Sam was a humbling experience, he was unique in how carefully and attentively he listened from the onset to understand my passion and dreams, he then made it his goal to find me a post that reflected not only my experience in A&E in England, but also one that was willing to commit to my training and development needs. The post he found me recognised and considered my experience of working abroad for many years in the emergency services, consequently, he was able to negotiate a salary that was commensurate to my overall experience in the field.

Sam is a tremendous person, a brother to me now (just as he is to my colleague who introduced us). I particularly like how he continues to keep in touch, always keen to make sure I am on track and keeping the dream. He is a fantastic professional at what he does and has a wide network of NHS and HSE hospitals he regularly supports by providing highly skilled permanent and fixed term clinicians.

It was a very pleasant experience working with Sam, and I would recommend Fidelitas to any Clinician looking for their dream post.

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